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Example News Post

  • 29 Jan 2018
  • Robert Boyle

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"A very knowledgeable agent"

I have dealt with Rob for both purchases and sales on a number of occasions, he is a very knowledgeable agent, who knows his area very well. He is experienced and the fact he has been in the same location for such a long time, shows he's an established, trusted, local agent.

- Drew Hamilton

"He is professional and knowledgable about the local area"

Regardless of buying or selling Rob is easy to converse with - a relaxed style about him. He is professional and knowledgable about the local area.

- Chris Hannigan

"Very helpful and always available to answer any questions we had"

We purchased our first investment property from Rob Boyle at Landlink Realty. He was very helpful and always available to answer any questions we had. As this was our first investment property, it was very reassuring to deal with someone who knew the market in the area.

- Chris

"Great communication and very genuine"

We used Rob to sell our property, he had a potential buyer before we signed up and after one home open closed with this buyer for a price we were happy with. Great communication and very genuine. Would highly recommend.

- Ben